Pure culinary bliss at the Restaurant in Söll

Welcome on the “Bromberg Mountain”, where culinary pleasure found its home.
In the heart of the Kitzbühel Alps with a breathtaking view of “The Wilder Kaiser” the finer side of a culinary adventure awaits you. Expect hearty Tyrolean meals and the finest Austrian cuisine. Yummy cooked, dramatically new interpreted, an unforgettable taste experience.


Being our guest you create your holiday menu as you like. Book your holiday arrangement including the full breakfast buffet with the famous „Do-it-yourself Eggstation“, freshly baked bread, home-made marmalades and jams, freshly pressed juices and much, much more; or book the Gourmet – Pension where we offer a daily changing 5-course Menu.

We’re closed on Mondays’ during summer season and will only offer breakfast.


Tyrolean "Wirtshaus"

There is no word that explains a “Wirtshaus” but we are proud that our “Restaurant in Söll” is called just that. For us the love for the typical Tyrolean meals, produce from our own mountain farm, the lakes and forests as well as the authentic atmosphere is unavoidable.

Our culinary insider tip: Connys’ Tafelspitz with polenta ravioli, horse radish sauce and fresh veggies of the season

Business hours are Tuesday – Friday only with pre-reservation 6pm-9pm (kitchen closes at 8pm). Saturday and Sunday we are open from 8am-9pm (kitchen closes at 8pm)
Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner – culinary pleasure knows no time of the day.

Organic farm

At the Gruberhof, like most traditional houses, we find our origin in farming. What was started as a poor mountain farm more than a hundred years ago we see today as our hotel and restaurant. Much has changed, became more modern and technically advanced, however, something hasn’t changed: the love for farming and nature. Still today some 20 cattle, 2 horses, 3 goats, many, many cats and as our latest acquisition 3 Alpacas call the Gruberhof their home.

Regiona, yummy, healthy

We prepare what our farm, forests and meadows provide, thus we create in our Restaurant in Söll specialities like “Unkrautknödel” (that’s bread dumplings with healthy weeds), “Löwenzahneis” (basic ingredient Dandelion) or “Mountain & Sea Steak combo” with beef from our own farm cattle and Tyrolean freshwater Shrimps.

We’re proud to serve our own farm produce and the products from our suppliers:

  • Beef: our own Gruberhof Bio cattle
  • Pork: Metzgerei Obermoser Söll
  • Eggs: Bio-Bauernhof Angererhof
  • Venison: from the surrounding huntimg grounds on the Bromberg
  • Traditional Tyrolean Bacon: Metzgerei Wimpissinger
  • Veta: Milchschafbetrieb Poiderhof
  • Dairy Products: Tirol Milch
  • Salads & Vegitables: from our own farm gardens & Gartenbau Samuel de Vlieger Söll
  • Cheese: Schörgerer Hof Oberndorf & Gsteide Ötztal
  • Cottage Cheese: Silleralm
  • Schnapps: Jakob Fuchs Söll
  • Freshwater Shrimps: Alpengarnelen Hall
  • Snails: Kaiserschnecke Ellmau

Culinary trekker-train ride to the Gruberhof

Serval times a week guests will have the opportunity to visit the film set of the famous “Bergdoktor” Series combined with a visit to our Gruberhof. Our senior owner, Peter III, will fetch you at the village with his Trekker-Train for the ride to the “Köpfinhof” followed by a ride to our Gruberhof where our junior owner Peter IV will have already prepared a Tyrolean Buffet. Enjoy some hours and Peter III will bring you back to the village in his Trekker-Train.
You may book a single visit to the film set without the culinary break at the Tourism Association Söll, however, a full tummy makes the world go round ;)

Events, parties & celebrations

You are looking for a location for your family party, company events or a X-mas party? We will organize everything at your specifications and wishes. May it be a buffet or 3-4-5 course meal, a traditional Tyrolean buffet or rather a modern cuisine – we prepare whatever is your liking. We create the set-up for an unforgettable adventure.

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